Organic Farming

At Organic Wholefoods we believe that the best food can only come from production methods that respect and nurture the earth. All food sold in our stores are grown without synthetic chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides and no genetically modified ingredients.

Organic farming uses sustainable agricultural principles including composting, fallowing, rotation and companion planting to achieve optimum soil health. This  farming  method also  helps control  pests  and  diseases that  can  flourish  when soil  health  is  poor. It also promotes  biodiversity  and maintains  soil health  for future  generations. In conventional  farming based around chemical use, poor soil health can lead to attacks by pests and diseases.


Unfortunately, many conventional farmers have become dependent on chemicals to try and control epidemics of disease. These chemicals place a burden on our water and air quality, soil health and plant life which, in turn, impact on all of us. While pests and diseases do still occur in organic farming, they do not become epidemic and affect only a small percentage of produce that can be sold.

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming is an enhanced organic method that creates rich, living soil essential to the health and vitality of life on a farm. It is an holistic approach influenced by planetary and lunar cycles and the belief in the cyclical regeneration of energy from soil to plant to soil. This vital energy is encouraged with the use of specific biodynamic preparations to enhance the biological properties of soil, plants, compost and manure.