Coronovirus Update 10 April 2020

Pick Up Service - This is now available to everyone with priority given to you if you are sick, quarantined, elderly or a member of the NDIS. Please see Online & Email Orders & Pick Up Information for more details.

Deliveries - If there is no way you can organise a pick up by friend, family or neighbors then we suggest you try Uber.

Fresh Produce Price Rises – these are up due to supply and demand and reflect increased prices we are being charged. We are reviewing our margins to keep costs down. Some prices have come down and we expect that trend to continue.

Rationing - Increased buying has settled down and we are well stocked with most products. In coming months we will run out of a few imported lines. Rest assured we will have sufficient delicious food made in Australia to satisfy and nourish us. This also gives Australian food manufacturers a much needed boost. Please shop sensibly. The only restriction at present is 2 rolls of toilet paper per customer or 4 rolls per family.

New Rules For Safe Shopping In Store - We Thank You In Advance For Following These Rules.

As we move towards greater restriction of our movement it is vital that we all do our best to shop in a safe way. This requires your cooperation. As someone said today "we must behave as if we have the virus". 

1.    Keep a 1.5m distance from other people where possible
2.    Do not enter if unwell with fever, cough, sore throat or gastro symptons - order by email or online for pickup
3.    Do not touch surfaces or products until ready to buy - control children
4.    Pay with a contactless card - no cash except in emergencies
5.    Follow staff directions to queue outside if requested


Thank you in advance for following our rules.

Best wishes Scott & Vanessa & all of us at Organic Wholefoods